Impact & Programmes

The purpose of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values is to expand and strengthen the practice of Values-based Banking and to lead the way for a financial sustem that promotes social equity, responds to the planetary urgency and delivers true and lasting prosperity and wellbeing to all people. 

The GABV takes a leading role in the debate about how to build a sustainable financial future and fosters it with action. 

The GABV is active in: 

  1. Advocacy for transformational agreements in our sector

Our members perform their banking activities while achieving a high positive social and environmental impact. As an Alliance, we strive towards sharing these practices and engaging with the rest of the financial sector for a bigger change.

  1. Research to prove the soundness of values-based banking

Words are not enough in the road to a more humane banking economy. We produce research that proves the viability and positive impact of our model in comparison with global sytemic financial institutions, as a contribution to the progress of a values-based approach of economics in Academia. 

  1. Partnering with organizations and initiatives on Sustainable Finance

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values promotes a more sustainable banking system through different initiatives in collaboration with large organizations, networks and expert groups.