Youth Patrol collects bottles to protect the environment

Client Hvinningdal Sports Association
Location Silkeborg, Denmark

Folkesparekassen and Hvinningdal Sports Association HA85 in Silkeborg have joined forces for a Youth Patrol, where children and young people gather for a good purpose.

The Youth Patrol collects bottles to protect the environment and at the same time donate the money from the tax refunds they get for returning the empty bottles to a new sports arena in the local area. The cooperation is already a success. The Youth  Patrol has so far collected bottles for more than DKK 15,000, which  are donated to the area’s new sports arena:

“The Youth Patrol consists of a group of children and young people who are really passionate about making a difference. They are very committed because they know that the project is a good initiative both for the environment and that the money from the tax refunds ultimately goes for a good purpose in the form of a new arena and a new community house in Hvinningdal, ”says Rasmus Munch who is the chairman of the board of Hvinningdal Sports Association

121 kilograms of aluminium

In total, the Youth Patrol has so far collected 9,300 bottles, which corresponds to 121 kilograms of aluminium. A result that brings joy to Folkesparekassen, which is part of the project to make a preventive effort for the environment:

“It is very impressive so committed the children are and it is an incredible effort they have already done. We like to support sustainable initiatives and initiatives that benefit the environment and the Youth Patrol makes it easy to get rid of the bottles because the patrol comes by and picks them up. We believe that it can act as a preventive effort and prevent some bottles from ending up in nature, ”says Mette Agerup who is responsible for press and communication in Folkesparekassen.

“It’s my sports arena”

Camille Bunten, 9 years old, is one of the participants in the Youth Patrol and she is pleased to be part of the project:

“I think it is great. I can be with my friends and enjoy myself while collecting for a good purpose. When the arena is built it I can say that it is my arena because I have helped to collect money for it”, she says.

So far, the Youth Patrol has gathered what corresponds to:

  • 120 large bags of cans and bottles
  • 6 trailers with high sides – filled with cans/bottles
  • 121 kilograms of aluminium (cans of 17 grams per can)
  • Or what is more than 10 hours at a bottle machine that can take a unit every 4 seconds.