When passion becomes the goal

Bank North East Small Finance Bank
Client Dibya Thakuria
Location India, Assam

Twenty six years ago little did Dibya Thakuria know that her passion for nurturing familial cows in her home would sow the seeds of fortune in the time to come.

From a very young age, very fond of being amongst livestock; it was but natural to rear cows after she got married at a young age to a Government employee. Dibya Thakuria led a contented life in the lush valley of Maloibari, on the suburbs of Guwahati with their three doting daughters.

The two desi cows she owned then, yielded Rs. 15/- per liter of milk which her neighbors purchased from her.

Her three daughters have grown to be very responsible, the eldest pursuing a nursing course, her second daughter doing her graduation and the youngest in high school, Dibya had ample time in her hands now. Around the time her husband retired from his services, she first heard about North East Small Finance Bank and approached for a loan in the year 2009. Considering how enterprising she was in her approach with a never give up attitude, North East Small Finance Bank granted her first ever loan of Rs.5000/-.

Since then there has been no looking back for this go-getter lady. She has meticulously planned her livestock business in order to reap the maximum benefits. Soon the bank granted her Rs.10000/- and in the recent times the bank has given Rs. 75000/- loan to her; for her untiring efforts she has shown in her business.

Two years ago she purchased two Jersey cows which have further enhanced her business. It is commendable that the daily milk production is 25 liters now and she sells it at Rs. 50/- per liter. She now supplies the daily milk produce to Purabi Dairy, one of the most well known and oldest dairy brand of Assam.

Her livestock is now healthy with chickens, ducks and goats. Her monthly savings is around 26000/- now. She is definitely the pillar of strength in the truest sense for her three daughters and her husband. Her three daughters look up to their mother and they tend to continue this legacy. Beaming with pride and joy, Dibya Thakuria says, she will be always grateful to North East Small Finance Bank for giving her the opportunity to change her passion into goals. She further adds, “If your passion becomes your goals, you will enjoy working for the rest of your life”.