Supporting The Rudolf Steiner School Movement

Bank Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft
Client Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels
Location Pratteln, Switzerland

The Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels in Pratteln has been a privately owned school and an alternative to mainstream state school since 1973. As a community of parents, teachers, and students, it is open to all social classes open, regardless of ethnic origin, religious and political stance, and economic situation. The Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels is part of the Waldorf schools’ world school movement. Unlike at state schools, parents make a significant contribution to school life through intensive, active cooperation (e.g. organising Christmas bazaars, school festivals, etc.).

Anyone who observes children can see that every child has their own character and would like to bring something new in the world – and that children want to learn. The Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels wants to help this individual nature in people to break through. The pedagogy is aligned with the insights of Rudolf Steiner, which are productively transferred into real-life practice. The focus is on the child and their holistic development.

The ultimate goal of education at the Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels is not a certificate with good marks for knowledge and skills, but students’ positive self-esteem. Perceptive recognition is the order of the day. The Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels strives to find a form of learning that brings joy, is aimed at the whole of life, and leads to a social way of thinking. The core subjects are taught in periods and the year groups are guided without selection. This enables educational development without the pressure of grades. Artistic and technical subjects, as well as fostering a relationship with nature and preserving the yearly rhythms of annual festivals, are of great importance for children’s development.

The new school building, which is harmoniously integrated into the landscape next to the old castle, the former school building, was opened in 2013. It is a little oasis, surrounded by grazing zebras, sheep, and Scottish Highland cattle. The construction was co-financed by the Freie Gemeinschaftsbank.

For Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, financing the Rudolf Steiner Schule Mayenfels helps them carry out their mission of supporting proactive people and groups that implement projects that are meaningful for humans and nature with lots of ideas, expertise, and dedication.