Supporting Australia’s retirees

Bank G&C Mutual Bank
Location Australia


G&C Mutual Bank developed the Retirees Access Home Loan to support those who have reached, or are nearing, retirement age and wish to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while remaining in their own home.  As the first mutual bank to offer a reverse mortgage more than 15 years ago, G&C Mutual Bank remains committed to helping older Australians. Despite Australia’s ageing population, no major Australian banks provide this specialised type of loan due to the high care and high understanding of the customer this product requires, and there are few other providers in the market.


With a low interest rate, generous terms for surviving borrowers and approved residents, the Retirees Access Home Loan is administered with a personal touch. We build close relationships with our members and their families, guiding them through the application process to ensure they understand this strictly regulated loan product.

In one instance, an elderly couple needed to repair their house and buy a new car but were refused help from several banks. They were advised to sell their home to finance their needs, but they did not want to lose their family home. Fortunately, they called G&C Mutual Bank and we were able to offer them the reverse mortgage loan. The couple were relieved and said, “If it wasn’t for G&C Mutual Bank, we would have had to sell our family home.”

By providing such loans to retirees, mostly aged between 70-75 years, we can help them fund expenses, such as home repairs and medical bills, as well as helping to improve their lifestyles and the financial wellbeing of their children and grandchildren. Over the years, G&C Mutual Bank has helped many of its members enjoy retirement in their own home while retaining access to much needed funds. We’re always there for our members, especially when they need us most.