Side By Side With Micro-entrepreneurs

Bank Banco Solidario
Client María Chicaiza
Location Ecuador

María Chicaiza has been a client of Banco Solidario since 2004. She has a 17 year old son.

María began with one small shoe shop and now has four in a very popular mall in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. She owns two and rents the other shops. ‘All thanks to Solidario and Ms. Doris Mata my credit advisor’, Maria concludes.

María sells women shoes made in Cuenca, Gualaceo and Chordeleg, three cities in the southern part of Ecuador known for their artisan work. Before she used to travel at least twice a year to those cities to purchase her merchandise; now they send it to her.

Her day begins at 7am and ends at 8 pm. ‘My business is my life and my home; I love it’, she states.

María is very active in the mall’s organisation and in community work. She is always checking that everything is ok. That the mall is well lit and clean and that everybody’s business is doing well. ‘There are always problems’, says María; ‘not everybody understands the importance and responsibility of being part of a community.’

Her success is the result of hard work, perseverance, and responsibility, expanding her business cautiously. Her advice to her son: ‘I always tell him to study and be responsible because that is what is really going to help him in life. Material stuff…that comes and goes’.