Secure Housing For Vulnerable Adults In Minneapolis

Bank Sunrise Banks
Client Supportive Living Solutions
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Supportive Living Solutions (SLS) provides safe, secure housing and services for adults living with chemical dependency, mental illness, and long-term homelessness throughout the Minneapolis & St Paul area. They strive to create an atmosphere of hope that inspires growth, relationships, and determination to lead a full life.

Not only do both the bank and client place value in investing and improving communities; both also understand the importance of running a sustainable and profitable business.

SLS was established in 1973 by Virginia Arrigoni whose son, Bill, took over in 2001 and expanded SLS with the help of Sunrise Banks. Bank staff helped structure a deal to purchase an organisation with residences that support the ever-growing population of people with severe and persistent mental illness. Today, SLS owns and operates six residences and runs a home-care services programme.

Bryan Toft, the key lender at Sunrise Banks had to think proactively about his customer. Bryan helped SLS secure additional financing through the City of Minneapolis and other partners, which allowed SLS to grow more rapidly. As interest rates decreased, Bryan searched for ways to help SLS re-finance and get the best deal. Bill doubts whether this level of service would be available at other financial institutions. He valuesSunrise Banks taking the time to consider community impact and relationships rather than just focus on profit.

Going forward, Bill hopes to continue to grow SLS at a responsible rate. He believes that ‘excellence is the heartbeat’ of his organisation and would not want to compromise service for increased profits. SLS’ growth is a great asset to the local area. Typically, community members resist having nearby housing for those recovering from chemical dependency and living with SPMI. However, SLS has positively impacted its communities. Their residence on Central Avenue in Minneapolis was previously a problem property – occupied with drug dealers and prostitutes. When SLS moved in, they cleaned up the residence and helped the neighborhood thrive. They affected a larger footprint by changing the neighborhood culture and building relationships with law enforcement. SLS has an excellent surveillance system at all residences, which has helped deter crime in the community and also assist in police investigations. The relationship with the neighborhood was so valued that within six months of opening the Central Avenue residence, the neighborhood encouraged SLS to open another residence.

Bryan believes that Sunrise Banks’ focus on relationships gives the bank a key advantage and ability to help customers like SLS thrive. ‘The relationship between Sunrise Banks and SLS is a great fit from both a mission and margin perspective. Both organisations not only place value in investing and improving communities, but also understand the importance of running a sustainable and profitable business.’