Recycling elements to serve as organic fertilizer

Bank BANFONDESA (Savings and Credit Bank FONDESA)
Client Vianel Rivas Díaz
Location Dominican Republic

Talking with Vianel Rivas Díaz is a sign that service and human quality flow from noble hearts. She is a 50-year-old woman, who advocates for the care of the environment and with her company, Fertilizantes Rivas, seeks to recycle elements that serve for organic fertilizer.

She has a job and likes to work. “When I leave my job, I immediately go and integrate myself in my fertilizer factory; and during the weekends, I look around for raw materials for the production of my business”, emphasizes firmly.

Vianel has managed to support her family and get her daughter to study Psychology; in addition to that, she employs from 8 to 10 workers in temporary days, to produce organic compost and fertilizer based on animal manure, green leaves, molasses, cow serum, ash, lime and humus.

Twelve years ago she started her project, being her own supplier and getting trained in the independent certification agency BCS Öko-Garantie, where she learned to make green manure, fertilizers and foliar fertilizer.

Her strategy is based on cleaning, cooking and the quality of a good product with laboratory analysis.

Since she started her business she followed the same formula and technique. In terms of vision, “she wants to have partners so that she can acquire more sources of raw material and produce more quantity”. Occasionally, she has orders that cannot meet because of limitations in her ability to generate production volume.

Vianel Rivas stands out in the community for her leadership ability. She assumes the problems of others as her own. She contributes economically and supports projects of entrepreneurship.

The impact of your business has to take care of the environment, she says; and all her products allow to produce healthy food and raise healthy animals. Also, organic fertilizer produces potassium and nitrogen that does not harm the soil or humans.