Promoting energy saving and environment protection

Bank Megabank
Location JSC, Ukraine

Apart from more standardized credit products intended for business development, Megabank also makes emphasis on stimulating and developing products that are aimed at energy saving and environment protection.

Since 2011, the bank has been implementing a program of offering products intended to finance the energy saving. We provide loans to individuals as well as representatives of small and medium-sized business so that they could increase energy efficiency at various objects.

During the last t eight years, the range of such loans has been enlarged. At present, Megabank finances renewable energy projects and makes investments into resource-efficient production, organic farming and environment-friendly projects throughout Ukraine.

For example: on 12 June 2019, Olha Liakh, a customer of a regional branch of the bank, used Megabank’s the special credit proposition called EKO.

Having received financial support, Ms. Olha installed 178 solar energy panels on its own plot of land and got connected to the feed-in tariff.  This enabled our customer not only to make monthly installments in the amount of UAH 20,300 to gradually repay the loan, but also to get an additional monthly income in the spring and supper period in the approximate amount of UAH 10,000, and in the autumn and winter period, UAH 7,000.

One more example: in May 2019, the customer L. Brovko received financing in the amount of UAH 200,000 at another regional branch in the framework of the EKO product. The customer invested the received money into winterization of a two-storied private building that had an area of 180 square metres. The customer has already analysed how much money has been saved by means of reducing heating expenses. After winterization, consumption of gas required for maintaining the air temperature inside the building at the level of 20-22 degrees decreased by 550 to 600 cubic metres per month. The average total time of operation of the boiler is now just 3 to 4 hours per day. The saving of money for Mr. Brovko due to participation in the EKO program amounted to UAH 2,800 per month, i.e. more than 40%. The successful implementation of the winterization project prompted the customer to consider option of getting an EKO loan to implement a project of installing a household solar energy station with power output of 30 kW in 2020.

Megabank also supports actively investment projects related to construction of solar power stations. This area of “green” energy industry is important for our country, as it develops actively an alternative energy industry, minimizes impact on the environment, decentralizes the generating facilities and diversifies the energy sources.

In 2019, Megabank issued a USD 280,000 loan for construction of a 2 MW solar power station in the Kharkiv Region (the commencement of operation of the station was planned for December 2019).

The owner of the solar power station – the entrepreneur Dmytro – had been dreaming and was intending to implement a project of the kind. His confidence was increased by the fact that the top officials of Ukraine supported undertakings aimed at reducing emissions into the atmosphere by the electric power stations that used coal and oil products.

  • I have been struggling to find a bank that could support me in this undertaking. As Megabank has experience of working in this area, I approached this bank. Joint efforts resulted in successful implementation of the project, said the owner of the business.

The entrepreneur indicated that the payback period of his project was five years. The under-guaranty period of operation of the solar energy panels is at least 20 years. As a result, the “green” station will start giving net profit in just five years.