Increasing access to inclusive financial services for Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Bank Grooming Microfinance Bank
Location Ibadan, Nigeria

Funmilayo Adejuwon is an entrepreneur engaged in building materials and supplies at Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Funmi started her business after serving as an office assistant where she earned a small salary to support her family as a single parent. Confronted with the challenge of reviving her 5 years old business after two of her kids with sickle cell anaemia suffered a major crisis during which she had to spend most of her resources in saving their lives.  Funmi was about disposing of the few assets she had just to raise funds when one of our Loan officers met her and introduced her to the bank. According to her, the news came ‘quick’ and the loan was ‘SHARP – SHARP’ (meaning fast, accurate and timely), hence she refers to Grooming MFB as ‘SHARP – SHARP’.

She is currently repaying a loan of ₦800,000 (Eight hundred thousand) after repaying ₦1,000,000 (One million naira) only.

Funmi had completed her house and the kids are back to school.  Her dream is to build a one stop-shop, for building materials and also provide advisory services for potential ‘micro’ home owners in Nigeria.