Growing the Local Economy Through the Traditional Cuisine from Nariño in Colombia

Bank Banco Mundo Mujer
Client María Evila Andrade Andrade
Location Pasto, Colombia

This woman, born in a rural zone of Nariño, southern Colombia, married and with four children, is a client of Mundo Mujer since the entity was founded, more than 25 years ago.

She established her home in Pasto, capital of the state, and together with her husband, Segundo Bastidas, they started a small food business in one of the most popular market square of the city, known as ‘Potrerillo’.

Her first loan with Mundo Mujer was for 500 thousand pesos (around 200 dollars) and with it they started to growth the business; “Thanks to Banco Mundo Mujer our business has been able to grow, we have been increasing the loan amount and the bank has been the main support to improve our quality of life,” says María Évila.

One to one they were getting more clients; it allowed them to consolidate their business. For 10 years they dedicated themselves to this project, until they came up with a new dream: to have a restaurant in a commercial area different from the market square, positioning themselves as a company.

Banco Mundo Mujer again gave them a hand to keep growing. They were able to buy a place with all the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the restaurant ‘La Casita del Cuy’, which is currently one of the most recognized places for the promotion of the Nariño cuisine.

With their company, not only have they raised their family, but have also contributed to the economic dynamics of the city, generating 20 permanent jobs and more than 10 additional temporary ones each weekend.


María Évila and her husband are currently working together with the Bank’s advisers in the expansion of their company to build a hotel and events meeting rooms, as complementary businesses.

This case is a clear example of the clients that have grown together with Banco Mundo Mujer, becoming successful entrepreneurs that generate progress and well-being in their communities.