Gender diversity and inclusion within the workforce

Bank CDC Investment Works
Location London, United Kingdom

For our portfolio company IIFL CDC enhanced gender diversity and inclusion within the workforce through gender diagnostics and action plans.

A gender diagnostic identified the need to improve internal gender diversity given that women accounted for only 8per cent of senior management staff, 5 per cent of middle management and 19 per cent of total staff.

Our interventions were as follows:

  • Worked with IIFL to develop the business case and action plan for workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Implemented women’s professional development programme
  • Set targets for diversity and inclusion at all levels
  • Our E&S team worked with IIFL to establish an ESG committee to monitor progress
  • Gathered gender-disaggregated data across the workforce, senior management commitment, and defined responsibilities to implement a Gender Action Plan

As a result:

  • Maternity return rate increased from 35 per cent to 95 per cent in two years
  • Increased number of women being promoted
  • Increased number of women applying for senior levels positions
  • Increased number of women receiving coaching