From City to Village

Bank Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited (MNBBL)
Location Nepal

In pursuit of happiness and a bright future for self and upcoming generation, large rural population migrated to the urban settlements of Nepal in earlier as well as recent times.

In contrast with the above movement and situation, Mr. Man Bahadur Khadka made the radical but progressive decision to sell his house nearby Kathmandu (Capital City) and return back to his own village Khijidemba, Okhaldhunga, which is situated more than 217 KM far from Kathmandu on 2011 A.D. This happened when majority of population naturally moved and migrated towards cities from villages.

From his native village, he started “Yashoda Agro Goat Farm” consisting of 7 goats on 2014 A.D. But destiny had other plans waiting for him which was full of uncertainty. The Major Nepal Earthquake of 2014 A.D which took livfe of more than 5000 people, had a devastating effect on his farm too like any other. The number of goat reduced to zero with his future which seem to be hopeless for him.

But Mr. Khadka did not lose his hope and determination. He took prompt action to restart his business and finding ways to raise fresh capital to function his business again. In the process he was able to raise enough capital from his relatives and friends. Though, he was able to raise the fund it had higher interest rate charged on the fund which had quite impact on cost issues of the business.

To solve the issue of higher cost of debt he reached out to the banks situated in district Head Quarter (HQ) but the loan process and the collateral valuation where not satisfactory and extremely irrational for him to get into. Thus, he was not able to access loan from the Banks.

Running through all this kind of situation, Mr. Khadka as determined as always did not lost his hope and focus, and in the end his determination paid off after he came into contact with Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited which trusted his belief, business plan, high determination and provided with a initial loan of Nepalese Rupees (NPR) 1 Million (EURO 7,883). He delightfully accepted the low cost loan and with that capital in his hand, he revamped his dream and installed modern farm equipment and added 5 high bread boar goat which strengthened his farm operation. With the new energy and hope he expanded his business and took additional NPR 2.5 Million (EURO 19,708) loan. Currently his farm boost of 113 goats. Last year he sold 32 boar goat and earned a profit of NPR 2 Million (EURO 15,766). His current stock include a single goat having a value of more than NPR 0.5 Million (EURO 3,941).

Currently in his farm he has given employment to 5 youth.

As he was in pursuit of happiness, he found and achieved it through working in own society among the family and friends for the betterment of the society and personal wellbeing as well.