E-Rickshaw Making Life Easier

Bank ESAF Small Finance Bank
Client Pushpa Chaitram Dekate
Location Maharashtra, India

Pushpa Chaitram Dekate has been a Sangam member of Sadar Branch of ESAF, Maharashtra since last 10 years. For Pushpa, life has been full of severe hardships. Through ESAF, Pushpa has moved from subsistence to security and is able to face for tomorrow, with hope and courage.  

She has been working as a daily labourer in a thread production company in Nagpur. Although three of their family members worked very hard, her husband as a laundryman and son as a salesman, they could not find any savings for future. 

It was only after joining ESAF JLG Groups that I started to think about the potential to change. When I saw other women using their loans to start small businesses”, says Pushpa. As a Sangam member, I learned about doing business and managing money, Pushpa said. She took a Clean Energy Loan of ` 2,080,000 for purchasing ERickshaw. “Although my son, Harshal tried different jobs since he was 18, to support the family, he did not find any grip. He sold clothes in the market, became a salesman for a salary of ` 6000 per month, but all the efforts went in the drain. It was during that time I heard of E- Rickshaw loans promoted by ESAF. When I shared this thought with my son, he was excited and sought the help”, says Pushpa. “He now earns ` 800- 1000 per day. He is able to save as the E-Rickshaw doesn’t incur any cost on fuel. Repayment is also convenient through the weekly instalment pattern, set up by ESAF SFB”.  

Pushpa helps her husband in the laundry work and earns for the family as well. Their family income has increased almost 2 times than the last years.  

 We are now more financially secure than we have been in our whole life. I have taken loans from different sources but my relations with all the institutions have been just transactional. I could never develop the trust that I have with ESAF. I have a plan to do more: building a new home, provide education to my younger daughter etc. I realize my dreams can be easily fulfilled with the support of ESAF“, she said proudly.