Danish Organics

Bank Merkur Cooperative Bank

Merkur Cooperative Bank, in Denmark, has helped to finance more than 2,000 companies, institutions and projects within the areas of production, social cohesion and culture. These projects not only inspire others to work towards similar objectives, but also help contribute to making a lasting impact through concrete initiatives.

A good example is Thise Dairy, an organic dairy in northern Denmark in the small town of Thise. Merkur saw the potential, both economic and environmental, and decided to finance this new organic dairy founded in 1988. Today it is the second largest dairy in Denmark and the largest organic dairy in the country. It’s also the biggest employer in its region creating 120 jobs including dairy operatives and administration, requiring 85 organic farmers to supply it. In addition, Thise Dairy successfully exports several of their organic goods to Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and France.