Cultivating Sustainable Partnerships

Client Rosemadelyn Dela Marquez
Location Oriental Mindoro

With a formidable vision of a brighter future for her family, Rosemadelyn Dela Marquez from Oriental Mindoro knows and believes that such a future is possible with hard work, staunch faith, and reliable partnerships. The 49-year-old entrepreneur is one of CARD Bank, Inc.’s leading women who conquered barriers and took the reins in life and livelihood. Through her partnership with her husband, Manuel, and CARD Bank, Inc., she built Roseuel Palay Trading, a successful farming business that has withstood the seasons of the agricultural industry.


“My life revolved around helping my husband and taking care of my children,” Rosemadelyn recalled. On the side, she sold vegetables and banana skewers to their neighbors. The couple also sold harvested grains to buyers from their area. Aside from these, they started a piggery and direct selling business. All to ensure that their needs will be met and their lives will be better.

It was 1997 when she first learned about CARD. Sensing the need for a bigger capital, she immediately joined the organization and received her first loan. She used the Php 2,000 loan to open a sari-sari store and, realizing her husband’s innate skill in farming, to capitalize on their ¼ hectare of land. “We did not waste any time. We used my loan to develop our land,” she said.

Together with her husband, they tilled the land and worked industriously to add value to it. With Manuel’s farming abilities and Rosemadelyn’s entrepreneurial acumen, it was not long before they began reaping results. The harvested rice from their land are sold to rice millers from different provinces. They also buy rice from other farmers and sell it to other buyers in the country. From a two-people endeavor, their farming venture slowly became a family business.


Despite being seasoned in the agricultural industry, the Dela Marquez family also experienced the risks and losses in farming. They engaged in side cropping, which meant planting beyond the farming cycle. This caused a pest infestation in their farm, resulting to losses they did not imagine. What they thought was a good decision subsequently buried them in debt. “We lost more than 100 sacks of rice,” she recalled. Calamities and unstable price of rice in the market were constant sources of headaches as well.

However, no matter how difficult, they did not allow the challenges to break their good record with CARD Bank, Inc. With a can do attitude, she diligently paid her dues and worked extra hard to make up for their losses. “I courageously took the chance to borrow again so that we can survive the problem,” she said. Her fortitude pulled their business through until they slowly recovered.


Today, her business, which has gone through the test of time, is now a stable venture that brings an average annual sale of Php 57 million and a profit of Php 10 million. Her assets include four dryers, a truck, and two vehicles for their family’s use. During regular season, she employs 15 workers from their community. Meanwhile, about 50 people help the family when harvests are at its peak. They were able to buy a harvester and tractor that are rented by other farmers in the area. The couple also lends farm inputs such as fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide, and diesel.

“CARD has been my partner as I pursued my dreams,” Rosemadelyn shared. What started as a mere membership has become a 20-year partnership. CARD Bank, Inc. has been her solid partner through her livelihood’s ups and downs. “From a Php 2,000 to a Php 6.5 million loan, our lives have turned for the better because of CARD,” she said. Soon, she plans to buy another land to cultivate, construct a building for their dryer, and prepare for an agricultural supply store.

With her growing needs, CARD Bank, Inc. remains committed to support her plans. The institution’s technological innovations such as the Core Banking System and konek2CARD will allow Rosemadelyn to focus more on her business. With less worries in her finances, she can take more chances and pursue more undertakings that will help her community.

CARD Bank, Inc. celebrated Rosemadelyn’s hard work and contribution to the community when she was recognized as “Gawad Maunlad” during the “Pagkilala sa mga Likha ni Inay Awards”, an annual awards organized by CARD MRI to recognize the outstanding performance of its microfinance clients.. Believing that “quitters never win,” she persevered until she created the bright future that she aimed for. It is through the partnerships she cultivated that she was able to do more for her family and community.