Cultivating biological superfood in the unique Agrafa mountains

Bank Cooperative Bank of Karditsa (CBK)
Client Agromenelais
Location Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece

Agromenelais farm “ANS” is a family-run business located in the mountains of “Agrafa”, in central Greece at an altitude of 800 meters. It is in a unique environment, between the two artificial lakes of “Smokovo” and “Plastiras”.

“Agrafa” which literally means “Unwritten” has been classified as one of the cleanest environments of the planet, by UNESCO research.

“ANS” cultivates biologic superfoods of Blueberry, Aronia and Goji Berry, vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants and natural products such as the ancient healing balsam oil, since 2012. Furthermore, having its own raw materials, produce certified biological foods destined for the people who take care of their nutrition and health.

With the help and support of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa (CBK), the younger generation of the company (Nikos and Sophia), decided to go on by creating biological, functional and selected food. They use biological superfood, cereals, vegetables and fruit cultivated in their fields, in the same mountainous area. Being stimulated by all the new nutritional trends and habits of the last years, they have created high-quality food.

Their catalogue now consists of spreadings with aronia and also with aronia and goji berry (without sugar but with agave syrup), biological vegetable pasta and whole grain pasta with the addition of goji (especially for vegetarians and for periods of fasting).

They also standardized the honey that collected from hives placed in their superfood fields. They also packed up oregano from the mountainous area of Agrafa. In addition, they created blends of teas and herbal teas in an innovative and transparent packaging. Their codes contain sheets of biological superfood, the best varieties of teas, herbs and aromatic plants from the mountains.

ANS is currently exporting to retailers in more than 10 different countries all over the world.