Community Donation Program

Bank MagNet Hungarian Community Bank
Client Integrative Gym
Location Budapest, Hungary

‘We are passionate about social commitment. We provide our clients the opportunity to support good causes easily. And we offer 10% of our profit each year for this purpose.’

The Community Donation Program (CDP) is a social educational initiative that mobilises MagNet Hungarian Community Bank’s entire clientele. The programme’s objective is to strengthen a group of employees and clients who actively commit themselves to civil initiatives. The programme also meets MagNet Bank’s declared goal to help clients understand and experience monetary support amounting tens of millions Hungarian Forints (local currency), as a result of tens of thousands of helping hands (deposits).

Within the framework of the CDP, MagNet Bank’s owners assign 10% of after-tax profits each year and empower clients to donate the funds to civil society organisations. Due to this unique solution in Hungary, bank clients have an opportunity to donate money to social objectives important to them from the profit of their own bank. Over the last seven years MagNet Bank’s clients have ensured the re-distribution of over 550.000 Euros.

‘By way of our Community Donation Programme, the MagNet community has assisted in the establishment of an Integrative Gym (the first in Europe), where visually or mentally impaired children and their families have the chance to participate in sporting activities, in a supportive environment. Through CDP our clients decided to donate more than 3,400 Euros to Suhanj! Foundation. Making it possible for an open integrative gym that is wheelchair accessible from arrival, through training, and preparing for home. In addition to training, visitors can participate in workshops, development therapies, or avail of a massage and sauna. Hundreds of volunteers help the work of the Foundation.’

It is truly heart-warming to see that, thanks to the involvement of MagNet Bank’s clients and as a result of their small decisions, important initiatives come to fruition around Hungary.