Entrepreneurs Benefit From ‘Preventing Accidents’ Programme

Bank Caja Arequipa
Client Preventing Accidents' Programme
Location Arequipa, Peru

The terrible fire that reduced the Centro Comercial Asia Arequipa to ashes still burns in the memories of more than 120 entrepreneurs that lost everything in the early hours of the morning on 7 November 2015.

It was a short circuit in the storage room located in the second floor, which literally destroyed everything in its path including, of course, each small store.

However, hope has prevailed for those who have worked non-stop to recover their properties, and for those who trust Caja Arequipa. Thanks to the Preventing Accidents programme, offered by Caja Arequipa, the bank’s customers are now free of debt, and they have received a new loan to rebuild their business.

‘After the fire we needed to continue working so that we could face our responsibilities. Caja Arequipa was there for us and supported us throughout,’ commented Ms. Lida Claros de Meza, one of the store owners in the commercial centre and a Caja Arequips customer.

Being able to anticipate and cope with accidents or natural disasters is critical. It can affect the lives, homes, and businesses of any person. For that reason it is important to have a financial ally, such as Caja Arequipa, that has the adequate tools available to help entrepreneurs recover and grow again.

Some of the members like myself hadn´t finished paying our loans, but Caja Arequipa still trusted us and offered working capital without too much paperwork. This was vital for the survival of our small businesses,’ commented Ms. Candida Celia Mamani Quispe, member of the commercial centre.

In Caja Arequipa the bank’s mission stems from the possibility of being part of and adding to the wellbeing of the customers that trust the bank. Ms. Enith Molina Cuaquira, another loyal customer, expressed it in her own words: ‘I highly recommend Caja Arequipa to other entrepreneurs. It is the only financial institution that trusted us after the tragedy.’