The Charitable Arm for the Bank’s Customers and Public

Bank Bank Muamalat
Client Wakaf Selangor Muamalat
Location Malaysia

As at to-date, Wakaf Selangor Muamalat, a joint venture service between Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad with PWS, aimed at being the charitable arm for the bank’s customers and the general public, has accumulated an approximately RM19.3 million through the Bank’s branch network. About 37% of the fund has been utilized to develop both the education and healthcare sectors while the remaining have been reinvested to generate returns. Investments in education include contributions to school buildings, vans and projectors, while for health care it includes mobile clinics, dialysis machines, nitrogen storage tanks and other medical equipment.

Mobile clinic’s initiative that provides free medical service is one of the major projects implemented from the joint venture. This project is a collaboration with certain hospitals which are interested in providing free treatment. Three mobile clinics have been launched to-date to benefit the people in a few selected states in the country. Each clinic operates at a pre-determined location and occasionally visits other areas on an ad-hoc basis. Among the types of treatments offered at the mobile clinics are blood pressure examinations, diabetes, vision and physical checks; and consultation services. These mobile clinics were also mobilized to offer health care services when some states in the country were hit by floods, in late 2014 and early 2015.

This mobile clinic project has benefited more than 5,000 patients so far and the Bank and PWS are looking at expanding the number of mobile clinics in the future.