Building stories of progress

Bank Mibanco Colombia
Client Edwin Gómez
Location Colombia

Edwin Gómez inherited from his father the art of cheese production. It went from being a craft company to being a mass production company.

“Bancompartir helped us with the credit so that my company could grow. Now we benefit about 60 families in the region that deliver their milk to process, we have 9 employees. Bancompartir with me “Concludes Edwin, Lácteos Laura Valentina’ owner.

Edwin Gómez lives in a village located two hours from Bogotá. He has a daughter Laura Valentina, hence the name of his company, in which he manages with his wife Adriana Castiblanco. “All this has been because of my parents,” says Edwin, “I inherited the passion for the business of milk, which I followed in tradition and with so much love.”

His parents started the business 37 years ago, collecting milk, transporting it on a donkey and cooking it at home, Edwin says, “my parents made the cheese and my dad had to go to town to sell it. Since I was a child I helped them”. Lácteos Laura Valentina produces different types of cheese and homemade yogurt.

Lácteos Laura Valentina benefits around 60 families in the region, which provide milk for the production of their products. They also have nine employees who work shifts in the morning and afternoon.

The company started to grow. The buyers demanded more product but they could not keep up with de supply. “One day a Bancompartir advisor came to my business to talk to me about his bank and how they could support me”.

Edwin says: “Bancompartir the bank that has helped me a lot and has been there for me and my projects, they offer me loans according to my needs, they are very fast and don’t require so much paperwork. They disbursed me the loan with which I bought some machines and fixed a sales point where I sell all my products.”

Bancompartir with me!