A Stitch in Time Saves Charulata

Bank ESAF Small Finance Bank
Client Charulata Rajesh
Location Hinganghat, India

Charulata Rajesh (40) has been a long-time ESAF JLG member and a shining example of how the right combination of hard work, business instinct and access to capital can lead to a great success. She lives in a simple home in Hinganghat, Maharashtra with her children Ashutosh and Mohini.  

The untimely demise of her husband in 2011 left her with huge responsibilities of running her family that consisted of two children, one who was just 3 years old then. When her husband passed away, she had no financial means of supporting her children. She bravely decided to earn her own and started doing bag stitching after 10 days of the death of her husband.  

It was during such a season of her life that she heard of ESAF and became a member of ESAF CHARU – Joint Liability Group. She took a loan of INR 35000/- to buy raw materials for bag stitching and fancy wallet making. “The support from ESAF was crucial for my success-it came at the right time,” says Charulata.  

The decision to start a bag stitching unit at her home with two sewing machines under the tagline “Mohini Bag House” proved to be a timely step as there was high demand for her quality products. She managed to grow her revenues earning INR 7000 – 9000 monthly and during peak seasons earning INR 1500 – 2000 per day.  

She now saves her profits and has the ambition to set up a registered business unit and become job provider to other women in the village. “I want to bring changes in the life of others and strengthen them to stand in their own foot. ESAF gives me good service. Anytime I need assistance, they are ready to help. They are more than a usual bank”, she says.