#BankingOnValues Blogs (Mar. 2016)

The (still untapped) Power of Innovation Within Banking On Values. Gibran Armijo,Project Director at ISBAN (Spain)

‘When a client switches from a “traditional” bank to a “values-based” one (a.k.a. sustainable or ethical), it’s been said there is nothing to do to try and retain or recover such client because the decision is not based solely on a competition of interest rates or convenience. The decision lies deeper within.’

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GABV and VoiceAmerica Launch New Radio Series from April 7 to June 30: Building Banking on Values. Linda Ryan, GABV (Canada)

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Electronic Wallet To Change Lives of Millions in Peru. Carolina Benavides, GABV (Peru)

I recently attended the launch of a very unique financial service in Peru, sponsored by local banking association ASBANC. BIM (Billetera Móvil – Mobile Wallet) is an electronic wallet that will make life easier for millions of Peruvians, putting the tools for financial management and independence right in the palm of their hands.’

#BankingOnValues News, Views and Insights. David Korslund, GABV (The Netherlands)

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Five Community Building Lessons From Football Supporters. John Horn, Vancity (Canada)

Five community building lessons from football supporters that you can apply to in the workplace, classroom or neighbourhood.

  • Support is always: Offering genuine, timely and consistent support to others makes relationships – at work and home – healthier and more sustainable for the long term.
  • Lead with love: When bosses lead with love and genuinely wear their emotions on their sleeve for the cause or the movement the commitment from others becomes contagious.
  • Stand up for your team: People want to work for organizations that we believe in. Companies and non-profits that do the right thing for their stakeholders are more likely to have their customers, members or colleagues champion their brand or engage others on the organization’s behalf. Also, literally standing up at work is better for your health and your creativity, too.
  • Be resilient: Resilience is essential if you want to thrive in the workplace and having a more resilient global financial system will help us to avoid another near-collapse like the one in 2008.
  • Have fun with it: Building a vibrant community at work, in a classroom or in your neighbourhood should be a joyful experience. According to a study from the University of Warwick, happier people are more productive because they use their time more effectively and also genuinely enjoy the time that they spend working.

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John Horn