GABV Leadership Academy 2022 – Leading in Times of Disruption

We are happy to announce the GABV Leadership Academy 2022 – Leading in Times of Disruption. This transformative learning experience for values-based bankers is run successfully in the 7th year and allows the leaders of your organisation to step into their full potential and deepen the impact of your organisation. It provides them with the tools to lead and innovate in moments of disruption and high complexity. The global cohort will explore concepts and business models of values-based banking  and participants will engage with thought leaders, senior bankers, and academics from around the world. They will build meaningful connections with like-minded bankers from Bangladesh to Canada and will become part of the GABV ALUMNI network after graduating the program.

This blended program combines six online sessions between March and June 2022 with an in person meeting in fall next year (if Covid allows). Throughout the program participants will be supported by 1-on-1 coaching sessions with the facilitators, and they will work on a prototype project relevant to their organisation to bring the envisioned future into the presence through experimentation.

The program is facilitated by Katrin Kaeufer (MIT/ Presencing Institute), Martin Kalungu-Banda (Presencing Institute) and Sonia Reinhardt (GABV and GLS Bank).

If you are interested in joining or you want one of your co-worker to join, please send an email to