Banco Popular

Location Honduras
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We are a Bank, specialized in satisfying the needs of the families of the Honduras popular economic sectors, actively promoting social development and the responsible use of the country’s natural resources.


Always, the first Bank specialized in micro and small business, being a national and international model, for the honor and benefit of Honduras.


Banco Popular is an institution regulated by the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS). It comes with a share capital of $ 23.0 million with the participation of international shareholding partners, such as: Bamboo Finance, IFC of the World Bank, FMO of the Government of the Netherlands, BIO of the Government of Belgium and the Central American Bank of Economic Integration (BCIE). Banco Popular was born with the purpose of supporting the micro and small business, because it plays a fundamental role in creating jobs, reducing poverty, and economic growth of Honduran families and therefore the country. We support the needs of working capital and fixed assets of these economic sectors in an agile, personalized, friendly, and safe way. Banco Popular, in addition to offering a range of credit products, we offer the services of savings collection, fixed-term deposits, checking accounts, insurance, sending and receiving remittances, payment of utilities at the teller window, life and debt insurance, family medical and home assistance, among others. Since May 2010, the international shareholders: Bamboo Finance, IFC, FMO, BIO and BCIE decided to acquire 99.32% of the stocks of Banco Popular Covelo, S.A. and capitalize the Bank with 120.6 million of lempiras. In September 2010, Banco Popular developed a five-year Strategic Plan in which the Vision, Mission and Values were redefined, as well as the global strategy. This plan started from line managers, middle management and senior management. As a result of the new shareholding composition in August 2011, the Bank’s Board of Directors and Shareholders decided to change the name of the Bank to “BANCO POPULAR” through a change in corporate image and brand. Banco Popular currently has a broad network of 26 agencies with coverage in 13 departments of the country.


Commitment: with ourselves, the clients, the Bank and Honduras, through personalized attention, responsible, with quality and will.

Teamwork: oriented to comprehensive achievement in all areas that generate a competitive advantage for the Bank to achieve profitability and self-sustainability.

Trust: in all areas that allow us to provide security through personalized attention to our customers.

Attitude of Service: towards the internal and external client denoting our interest in solving their problems and understanding their needs.

Effort: to fully achieve the organization’s goals and fully comply with the received responsibilities.


  • Joy
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Laboriousness


Important efforts are being made at global level to ensure that microfinance practices guarantee the biggest positive impact on the common objectives of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of people with lower incomes; among these global efforts the most important is the Campaign of Client Protection, carried out by The Smart Campaign, an international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible microfinance practices and standards with the client. The Smart Campaign is an international effort to bring together the microfinance sector leaders around a common goal, to keep clients as the driving force of the sector. The Smart Campaign works together with the leaders of the microfinance sector from around the world, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to provide transparent, respectful and prudent financial services to all their clients, these efforts are specified through certification of delivery Smart Campaign to the institutions whose practices are framed within the most rigorous standards of client protection to synthesize this effort and based on an in-depth analysis have been defined 7 universal principles of client protection, which summarize the characteristics and conditions that the banking management must have to be responsible with the client, these principles are:

  1. Appropriate design and distribution of products: products and distribution channels are designed taking into account the customer characteristics, without causing damage to them.
  2. Prevention of over-indebtedness: confirm in all phases of the credit process whether clients have the ability to pay their obligations without over-indebting them, monitor each of the internal systems that support the prevention of over-indebtedness and promote efforts to improve risky management.
  3. Transparency: communicate in a clear, efficient and punctual way the product information and use a vocabulary that customers can understand to make informed decisions, highlighting the need to obtain transparent information about prices, terms and conditions of the products.
  4. Responsible prices: the prices, terms and conditions are set in a way that is accessible to customers allowing them to be sustainable.
  5. Fair and respectful treatment of clients: treat clients in a fair and respectful way without any discrimination, especially in the processes of placement and collection.
  6. Privacy of customer data: customer data is respected according to laws and regulations, such data will be used only for the purposes allowed by law.
  7. Solving complaints mechanisms: punctual mechanisms are maintained for the handling and resolution of complaints and problems, these mechanisms will be used both to solve problems and to improve products and services.

In order to confirm these principles accomplishment 25 standards have been defined with 86 indicators that institutions must meet to achieve certification. The Smart Campaign has a worldwide certification program executed through 4 international risk rating agencies that have been specialized in the evaluation of these principles.


  • Savings and investment
  • Savings accounts
  • Popular Savings
  • Popular Mipyme Savings
  • Popular VIP Savings
  • Popular dollar savings
  • Popular programmed savings
  • Saving remittances from my people
  • Check account
  • Certificate of Time Deposits
  • Loans for micro- entrepreneurs
    • Working capital
    • Fixed asset
    • Seasonal or seasonal
    • Housing Improvement
    • Production and Commerce
  • SME Banking
    • SME Capital of work
    • Fixed asset SME
    • Line of credit
  • Personal Loans


  • Remittances
  • Currency exchange
  • Micro- insurance
  • Popular Attends
  • Facilities payment
  • Tax payment
  • Electronic cellphone credits
  • Banpopular enquiry
  • Easy and fast credit payment

Key figures for Banco Popular

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets11082
Funds Under Management00
Total Assets and Funds Under Management11082
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year, Local Currency)38.27%NA
Loans (net)8866
Loans to Total Assets79.7%80.7%
Loan Growth (One Year, Local Currency)36.57%NA
Client Funding8055
Client Funding to Total Assets72.2%66.6%
Client Funding Growth (One Year, Local Currency)49.81%NA
Equity to Total Assets23.0%28.4%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio27.7%33.2%
Total Revenue23.417.9
Net Income2.72.7
Return on Assets2.83%3.75%
Return on Equity11.87%13.00%
Cost to Income Ratio70.3%70.8%
Clients (Sum of lending and deposit)126,33996,388