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Banco Ademi is a finance entity committed to the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic with special attention to micro – small and medium sized businesses. Offering high quality products and services through the use of state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced staff.


The Association for the Development of Microenterprise “ADEMI” was established by a group of Dominican businessmen in 1983 who donated the start-up capital, later receiving support in the form of loans and grants from the local government, USAID, IDB, GTZ , BEI and other commercial banks.

It became obvious in 1997 that ADEMI had become much more than a micro-credit non government organistion (NGO). It had long reached operational self-sufficiency and its capital was already surpassing five of the 12 existing commercial banks. Monetary authorities and international organisations all backed the transformation of ADEMI into a Development Bank, which came into effect in January 1998. ADEMI’s main challenge has been the democratisation of credit in the Dominican Republic.


Banco Ademi is an institution subject to inspection by Superintendecia de Bancos de la República Dominicana-the supreme authority of the country. Today Banco Ademi has 51 shareholders, all of them represented by the Board of Management, which consists of eleven members. In addition, Banco Ademi works with Executive Staff, a team charged with managing the operational functions of the bank. Each Executive participates in different and specialised committees, in order to support the Board of Management.

Management Board

  • Guillermo Rondón, Chief Executive Officer
  • Raul Lluberes, Board Chair

Market Focus, Products, Services

66 branches located throughout the country (Dominican Republic).

  • Market focus: micro – small and medium sized businesses.
  • Products and services: personal and micro – small and medium businesses administration loans, personal and businesses accounts, cash management and multiple payment types:  ACH, wires, foreign currency.

Banco Ademi offers all of the services that commercial banking allows.


Key figures for Banco Ademi

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets318384396368390
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management318384396368390
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**-13.21%1.25%12.34%-3.46%9.65%
Loans (net)241245239256272
Loans to Total Assets75.70%63.7%60.4%69.4%69.8%
Loan Growth (One Year)**3.18%6.71%-2.23%-4.02%9.15%
Client Funding207250248215239
Client Funding to Total Assets65.00%65.0%62.6%58.3%61.5%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**-13.16%5.15%20.48%-8.36%15.71%
Equity to Total Assets21.20%16.4%17.4%19.7%17.9%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio21.50%19.1%20.8%20.3%17.6%
Total Revenue65.263.375.075.574.1
Net Income12.27.610.716.317.2
Return on Assets3.70%2.68%3.50%4.30%4.50%
Return on Equity23.07%15.50%19.60%24.00%26.00%
Cost to Income Ratio66.60%75.2%71.1%63.0%62.8%
* Clients data reporting practice changed in 2018. 2018 information refers to number of clients; previous years' information is number of accounts.