Why join

HojasBy joining the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, member organisations make a difference and obtain multiple benefits.

Lead with us a positive, viable alternative to the current banking system while making the most out of our international Alliance:

    • Networking opportunities that come through annual and regional meetings as well as bi-lateral exchanges
    • Research on the values-based banking model and impact Scorecard
    • Access to expertise and investment opportunities
    • Development of SFRE, an equity fund to support the growth of values-based banks or those which are transitioning to it
    • Advocacy opportunities such as our annual global #BankingOnValues Day
    • Specialist Communities of Practice, as Human Capital, Metrics, Marketing & Communications, Governing Boards, Risk, Finance & Control or Digital Business and innovations.
    • Training opportunities for young and emerging leaders.

How to join

Our aspiration is to keep welcoming new members and partners to the GABV, in order to enhance our movement and its goals.

If you comply with our membership criteria and you would like to learn more about joining, please contact:

Executive Director, Martin Rohner