Membership criteria


Membership is open to all regulated financial institutions that have business models consistent with GABV principles. The minimum requirement for membership is a balance sheet of $50 million, with a business offering that takes deposits, makes loans, and processes cash payments for clients, and a genuine commitment to social or environmental change. Crucially, this balance of social, environmental, and financial concerns must be embedded within the organization, not sit on its periphery.

The membership criteria are the following, based on the Principles of Values-Based Banking:

• Regulated Financial Institution

The proposed member is a financial institution regulated by an authority established under the government of its primary geography and it makes loans, accepts deposits, and processes cash payments for clients.

• Core Business Values

The proposed member has a business model primarily driven by the Principles of Values-based Banking with at least a double bottom line commitment but preferably a triple bottom line commitment of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

• Independent Stable Governance

The governance for the proposed member is stable ensuring ongoing ability to be committed to a business model consistent with the Principles of Values-based Banking.

• Leadership Commitment

The proposed member’s senior management and governing boards have strong commitments to maintaining or expanding business activities consistent with the Principles of Values-based Banking. The CEO (or equivalent) is committed to active participation in GABV activities.

• Financial Model Sustainability

The proposed member operates a financial model (earnings, capital, risk management, etc.) sustainable over the long term and resilient for responding to business challenges and opportunities.

• Expanding Impact Commitment

The proposed member has a commitment to growing the impact of its activities over time directly or indirectly.