Access to finance

Securing financial capital allows values-based financial organisations to grow their balance sheet and deliver a greater positive impact in the real economy. GABV promotes in several initiatives to facilitate new capital to its members.

An investment fund for values-based banking

SFREThe Global Alliance for Banking on Values initiated Sustainable Finance Real Economies (SFRE). SFRE is an investment fund focused on supporting values-based banks that achieve minimum impact criteria on the GABV Scorecard. SFRE Fund (pronounced Shapphire) is a financial inclusion fund initiated in 2015 by the GABV and now managed by Triodos Investment Management. The fund provides mission-aligned capital to real economy focused financial institutions, which play key roles in meeting human needs and advancing essential segments of local real economies.

First direct investment in a member

As well, a consortium of members of the GABV has invested directly in Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS), which also makes part of the Alliance.

“This is a great example of collaboration among our members. It demonstrates the value of a network of progressive banks who can work together to finance a greener and more just society”, says Martin Rohner, Executive Director of the GABV.