Contest for youth of Southern Russia: “Sustainable Development Goals and me”

Center-invest Bank announced a contest “Sustainable Development Goals and me” among young people of Southern Russia to develop social, economic, environmental and infrastructure projects that meet the Sustainable Development Goals. The prize fund of the competition is 1,000,000 rubles. Applications will be accepted until September 1, 2021.

The “Sustainable Development Goals and me” contest is aimed the youth of Southern Russia to share their ideas for improving the urban environment of the regions in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. The formulation of their ideas and visions of the future in terms of the SDGs allows young people to realize their role in the new world, to propose new local solutions to global problems.

To participate in the competition, one shall fill in an application on the website and describe the project aimed at implementing a specific Sustainable Development Goal.

Participants of the competition will receive consulting support from mentors and specialists of the Center-invest Bank’s Accelerator, partner universities. The contest includes an extended educational block, hackathon and mentoring sessions on projects with curators.

The competition received the support from local authorities interested in sustainable projects that will help improve the lives of the region’s residents.

The developed projects will receive targeted development grants from Center-invest Bank, and will also be implemented in the region, with the possibility of scaling to the whole of Russia.

“We all love our small homeland, but we want to be competitive in the new global world. In this world today, to the question: “How are you?”, – more and more often they are waiting for an answer about what you have done to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, approved in 2015 by 193 UN member states. That is why Center-invest Bank launched the “Sustainable Development Goals and me” contest. We are waiting for your ideas that can change the life of our regions “, – commented Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vasily Vysokov.

The “Sustainable Development Goals and me” contest participates in the Paris Peace Forum category of ideas for sustainable environment. In the implementation of this project, Center-invest Bank relies on the successful experience of holding the first in Russia Forum of Positive Economy, a competition of ideas from citizens in the microcluster format “Project for a Beloved City”, as well as 20 years of experience in doing business based on ESG principles and sustainable development.

Details of participation and application for the competition on the website

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