The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is a leadership network; a space for leaders and practitioners in sustainable finance to learn from each other, deliver targeted initiatives that further the values-based banking agenda and argue effectively for banking practices that prioritise people and the environment. We achieve our goals through CEOs, Governing Board members and senior executives, as well as Communities of Practice where experts in human development, metrics and carbon accounting, and marketing and communications, among others, convene. 

As a network of values-based banks, mutual collaboration is one of the strengths we offer to our members. Since its foundation in 2009, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values has strengthened the collective and individual voice of banks that are committed to accelerating social, cultural, environmental and economic transformation. It has helped its members to increase their impact, build profitable banks that serve people and the environment. 

Get to know the different communities we manage in the network and how we engage with them.